Praying and Working Towards a Culture of Life


You may be wondering...what can I do to help promote a culture of LIFE?  The answer is simple: LOTS!  Prayer, sacrifice, and becoming a voice for the voiceless are all ways that you can engage your faith in helping to promote the Gospel among family, friends, your parish, community, and nation.  This page is dedicated to helping you do just that.

Check this page often to find links to prayers and activities that you can share with your family as well as for updates on important pieces of national and state legislation that affects the issues that are important to all of us as Catholic Christian Citiizens.

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Abortion Statistics (HB 158)

In New Hampshire, abortion is unrestricted and may be performed for any reason throughout pregnancy. But there is no state data on such information as the number of abortions performed or the number of providers who perform abortions because New Hampshire is one of only three states that do not provide termination of pregnancy statistics to the federal Centers for Disease Control. The New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee has recommended that the full House vote against HB 158, a bill to collect induced termination of pregnancy statistics. While some claim there are privacy concerns with collecting this information, concerns for privacy have been addressed by a bipartisan effort over the past several years. Contact your representatives and tell them to support HB 158. For additional information on abortion laws in New Hampshire and ways you can help, this resource is available. 

Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Earlier this week, the United States Senate failed to advance the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, a bill that ensures that children born alive following an abortion would receive the same degree of care to preserve their lives and health as would be given to other children born alive at the same gestational age. The Senate rejected a motion to advance the bill by a vote of 53-44 (in the Senate, 60 votes are needed to overcome a filibuster and pass a bill). Both of our New Hampshire senators voted against this measure to provide care to babies born alive after an abortion. You can contact your senators to express your disappointment in their votes through this resource from the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment.

March 18, 2019

Repeal of the State Death Penalty (HB 455)

By an overwhelming vote of 279-88 the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted on March 7 to repeal the state death penalty. The testimony was respectful and compelling with and included representatives providing testimony in support of repeal explaining how they experienced a change of heart on this issue by the challenge to hold a consistent ethic of life across all issues. HB 455 now moves to the Senate and we will provide updates as the bill progresses.

March 18, 2019

Repeal of the Education Tax Credit Scholarship Program (HB 632)

The New Hampshire House is expected to vote on HB 632 tomorrow MARCH 19, 2019, so contact your representatives today and urge them to oppose this bill. If you are a family who has received a scholarship, or if you know a family who has benefited from the program, be sure to share your story with your representatives. Another bill, SB 318, proposes modifications to the Education Tax Credit Scholarship Program - watch for future Catholic Citizenship News updates on this bill.

March 18, 2019

Study of Doctor-Prescribed Suicide (HB 291)

HB 291 has been introduced to study both palliative care and "end-of-life legislation." At the hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, the testimony was dominated by the prospective study of assisted suicide. The Church supports increased access to palliative care but is concerned that this study will focus on physician-assisted suicide, which is a grave threat to human dignity. A significant coalition of organizations that includes and represents individuals with disabilities expressed concern about this bill and urged the Committee to remove the study of assisted suicide to focus on palliative care. But on March 14, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 214-140 to pass HB 291. The bill now moves to the Senate, and we will update you in future Catholic Citizenship News alerts.

Marijuana Commercialization
This week, the New Hampshire House voted 209-147 to pass HB 481, a bill that seeks to commercialize all forms of recreational marijuana products. HB 481 now moves to the House Ways and Means Committee for further consideration. Governor Sununu has said that he will veto the bill, and the House vote falls well short of the 2/3 vote necessary for a veto override. The Diocese of Manchester has opposed HB 481 because it would harm New Hampshire communities and families, so we will keep you posted on this bill in future Catholic Citizenship News alerts.




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