Faith Formation

Our Vision

   Our faith formation program here at St. Patrick Parish is geared to helping each child or young person develop a personal relationship with Jesus.  Only when that relationship is established can that person then begin to understand and make sense of our rich Catholic Christian Faith.  Most important in the formation of that relationship is helping every young person to encounter Christ through prayer.  Prayer is the door that opens the mind to be able to process what our faith teaches us and what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus in our world.
     As parents of your child, you have a central role in helping foster this relationship with the Lord by bringing your family to Sunday Mass every week, praying with your children at home, and going over the content of your child's religious education material with them.  Only by taking an active interest in their faith formation will they come to see the invaluable treasure that is our faith.  Faith is not something we do, but our lived relationship with the Lord Jesus.  We must live this faith not merely as individuals but as one parish family.

One Faith, Two Models of Formation

     We are blessed to be able to offer faith formation under two models: both in the traditional classroom setting as well as through the Montessori-based curriculum of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  Depending on your child's gifts and talents, you may choose to enroll your child in either program.  Regardless of the catechetical method, children will celebrate their Sacraments of Initiation together with the whole parish family.  See the sidebar for more information on each curriculum.

Ministry Assistance

     Faith Formation is an ongoing process involving the entire family. We are always in need of assistance.  When registering your child for religious education, please indicate on the registration form the areas in which you may be able to assist in this ministry. We will be sure to use your talents at the same day and time as your child/children's religious education activities.  We need and welcome your help!

  • Full Time Catechist (no tuition)
  • Assistant Catechist (half tuition)
  • Substitute Catechist
  • Babysit for Catechists during class
  • Hospitality (set up, serve, clean up at receptions for retreats or following Sacraments)

Please click here to register for religious education online.  You will have the option to submit payment online or to pay by check at the end of the registration process.  Click here if you wish to download a pdf version of the registration form and mail it in to the parish office with your payment.  Registrations and payments should be mailed to St. Patrick Parish, 40 School Street, Newport, NH  03773.

       If your child is preparing to celebrate First Holy Communion or Confirmation this year, please take care to fulfill these additional steps:

1. In addition to filling out and submitting the Faith Formation Registration Form above, please fill out the appropriate Sacramental Intake Form(s) as well.  For the First Holy Communion form, click here.  For the Confirmation form, click here.  These forms are used to create your child's permanent Sacramental Record in the parish registry, so please take care to fill these forms out completely and accurately.
2. If your child was baptized in a parish other than St. Patrick, you will need to request a recent copy of his or her Baptismal Certificate from the parish in which he or she was baptized.  It must be impressed with the former parish seal and may not be dated prior to June 1, 2019.

3. Sponsors of Confirmation candidates from other parishes must submit Certificates of Eligibility from their pastors at the start of the religious education year.  A Certificate of Eligibility is the statement of the sponsor's pastor that he or she is eligible to act as a sponsor for a sacrament.  This means that the individual being considered must have received all the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist); if married, the marriage must have been celebrated in the Catholic Church, and he or she must regularly practice his or her faith by worshiping at Holy Mass every Sunday.  

     Please direct any questions you may have regarding registration requirements to the Director of Faith Formation at 603-863-1422x5.  


2019-2020 Faith Formation Calendars

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Level I, Ages 3-6; Level II, Ages 6-9; Level III Ages 9-12

CGS will be held on Fridays at Assumption Hall from 3:30 to 5:30 PM with special days and holidays highlighted below:

September 27 - New student orientation
October 4 - New student orientation
October 11 - New student orientation

October 18 - All students 
October 25
November 1
November 8
November 15
November 22
November 29 - NO CGS: Thanksgiving
December 6
December 13
December 20
December 27 - No CGS: Christmas
January 3 - No CGS: Christmas
January 10
January 17
January 24
January 31
February 7

February 14
February 21
February 28 - No CGS: Winter Break
March 6
March 7 - Reconciliation Retreat 8AM*
March 13
March 14 - First Reconciliation 9AM*
March 20
March 27
April 3
April 10 - No CGS: Good Friday
April 17 - No CGS: Easter Break
April 18 - Confirmation / FHC Retreat 8AM*

April 24
April 25 - Confirmation /FHC**
May 1
May 8
May 15
May 22

Important Dates for Level II Students Receiving Sacraments

*March 7, 2020 - First Reconciliation Retreat 
St. Patrick Church & Hall from 8AM to 12PM
*March 14, 2020 - First Reconciliation
St. Patrick Church at 9AM
*April 18, 2020 - Confirmation & First Holy Communion Retreat 
St. Patrick Church & Hall from 8AM to 3PM
**April 25, 2020 - Confirmation & First Holy Communion  
Rehearsal: All candidates & sponsors, St. Patrick Church at 9AM
Celebration of Sacraments: St. Patrick Church at 4PM


All sessions take place at Assumption Hall.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Level I Ages 3-6
Level II Ages 6-9
Level III Ages 9-12

Fridays, 3:30-5:30 PM
Elementary Youth Ministry
Grades 4-8

1st Sundays, 5-6:30PM
High School Youth Ministry
Grades 9-12

3rd Sundays, 5:00-6:30 PM

1-3 children $75.00 per child
4+ children: $250.00

Make checks payable to: St. Patrick Parish or submit payment online.



Our classroom sessions for grades 1-8 use the Alive in Christ series published by Our Sunday Visitor.  What makes this series significant is that it invites the children to hear God’s invitation to a personal relationship through His Word, helps them discover and learn the Church’s teaching in precise theological language, and teaches them how to live as Catholic disciples.  The unique catechetical process in Alive in Christ intentionally mirrors the Divine Pedagogy—forming Catholic identity and leading children and families to understand and live a life of discipleship.  Check out the video below to see Alive in Christ in action.

In high school, Life Teen's One Eight program is used to facilitate our young people's understanding and experience of the Holy Spirit who will seal them with His seven-fold gifts when they receive the Sacrament.  The goal of this preparation is transformation, not graduation.  It is about making life-long disciples ready to receive the strengthening gifts of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation so they are ready to live their faith, witness to Jesus, and go forth to make disciples in the world.

Steubenville East is Life Teen's summer youth gathering.  Although not required as part of Confirmation preparation, we highly encourage all young people beginning in the ninth grade to experience this gathering of thousands of young people from all over New England to celebrate their faith and deepen their relationship with the Lord.


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Online Giving

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